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The Flying Cows of Ventry

The Flying Cows of Ventry have revitalized the traditional folk music of Ireland in the Washington area with an effusion of energy and imagination. Their music preserves, and yet enlivens and extends, the intelligence and subtlety of the ancient and powerful traditions of Irish music. The Cow's repertoire includes traditional jigs, reels and airs on the fiddle, a lively assortment of traditional and contemporary ballads, as well as original vocal and instrumental compositions spun tastefully from the finest of the Irish Tradition. With strong vocal harmonies and driving instrumental pieces, the Cows fill a need for music that you can actually sing along with or, if the mood strikes you, even dance to. Their unique blend led one fellow musician to dub them "the Clancy Brothers with a fiddle." From their solid Irish base, the Cows will often stray into related musical pastures such as bluegrass, country and western swing. They've even been known to dabble in popular and rock 'n' roll tunes (without resorting to mind-numbing percussion of so-called "Celtic rock").

The Flying Cows of Ventry perform in a variety of venues in the Washington Metropolitan Area, including pubs and restaurants, festivals and concerts, as well as weddings, clan reunions, birthday parties and other special occasions and events. An evening with the Cows is often full of surprises, ranging from "round the world" musical tours, rousing sing-along sessions (including their "world-famous Kangaroo song"),(Click Here for Complete Playlist) comic relief in the form of jokes and stories, to step-dancing and general mirth in the aisles. The origin of the group's name is a family secret, but the Cows offer a unique "Legend of the Cows Contest," wherein participants submit their own "true" stories of how the Cows got their name with a prize awarded each St. Patrick's Day to the best story of the year. The group consists of three brothers, Tim, James, and Jeff Walthall. Booking an engagement with the Cows is as simple as calling Tim at (703) 525-6245.