Grooming a Dog with Separation Anxiety

Have you ever loved someone so much you miss them as soon as they leave the room? Your dog might feel this way about you. Separation anxiety is a real problem for some dogs, and this can present itself as general anxiety and stress or even destructive behaviour when they will demonstrate the extent of their anxiety by destroying various items in your home. The issue can create complications when it comes to certain aspects of your dog's care. Can a dog with separation anxiety be professionally groomed?

Field of Vision

Strictly speaking, you won't need to be separated from your dog during the grooming session, even though you won't be in physical contact. Position yourself in your dog's field of vision, offer soothing words as needed, and your dog's anxiety should remain minimal. Ultimately, regular grooming sessions may help to combat your dog's separation anxiety. 

Getting Used to It

They will become accustomed to being taken to a specific place (the salon) for a specific purpose (the grooming). They'll become familiar with the groomer, and eventually, it may become less important for your dog to know precisely where you are, even though the duration of the grooming session means you will probably remain on the premises. It's not a substitute for behavioural training, but grooming can help your dog to get used to people and activities that don't directly include you.

Inform the Groomer

Even though you will be concerned about your dog's anxiety, a professional groomer is likely to have seen it before. Having said that, it's not up to the groomer to work it out for themselves, so be sure to tell them that your beloved pooch has a tendency to become anxious.

Putting Your Dog at Ease

The groomer will know what to do to put your dog at ease, and it's just a matter of taking it slowly. The groomer will encourage your dog to sniff the various implements that will be used in the process, taking care not to suddenly introduce a new tool without having first allowed your dog to inspect it. Some electric tools should be turned on before they come into contact with your dog so that your dog can become familiar with the sound. Some groomers will prefer to use silent clippers, which operate at a substantially reduced volume, and are designed especially for anxious customers. 

Separation anxiety is a behavioural problem that can be overcome with training, and your dog's anxiety shouldn't exclude them from something as crucial as grooming.

For more information, contact a pet grooming service.

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