Two Reasons to Use Your Vet’s Pet Grooming Service

Whilst there are plenty of pet grooming businesses in most cities and towns, you should consider using your vet's grooming service rather than one of these if, for example, your dog's coat and nails are in need of some attention. Read on to discover why.

Those who work at a vet's grooming clinic will be more likely to notice skin or nail conditions your pet has recently developed

Whilst the employees at the vet's grooming studio might not necessarily be vets themselves, they will be more familiar than pet groomers who work in standalone businesses with the type of skin or nail conditions that afflict the animals they provide this service to. This is not only because they work alongside vets and veterinary nurses every day (and so pick up knowledge and tips from these experts) but also because they encounter plenty of animals who are recovering from or in the midst of being treated for nail or skin conditions, as they work in a clinic that regularly treats these issues.

As a result of this, those working in your vet's grooming clinic will be a lot more likely to spot problems with your pet's coat, skin or nails whilst they're grooming them and can then refer you back to the vet so that you can get a diagnosis and have your pet treated before these health issues become very severe. This could not only ensure that your pet doesn't suffer for an unnecessarily long time with, for example, undiagnosed dermatitis, but will also reduce the time and money it takes you to get it resolved (as a mild bout of this will clear up quicker, with fewer doses of medication, than a more severe bout of it).

You can have multiple appointments during a single visit

The other perk of using your vet's grooming service is that you can book a double appointment. For example, if your pet needs to be vaccinated and they need to be groomed, you can arrange for them to have their jab and to then go for their wash and their nail-clipping session on the same premises.

Being able to do all of this at the clinic will mean you won't have to take your pet on an additional car journey to another pet groomer after they've been seen by the vet. Aside from saving you time and reducing your diesel or petrol costs, this could be very useful if your dog suffers from motion sickness or finds being in the car stressful.

For more information, contact a pet grooming service.

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