5 Benefits to Having Your Dog Groomed

Properly grooming not only keeps your dog healthy, but it also keeps them feeling their best. While you can clean your dog at home, there are some perks of professional dog grooming that you may not be able to provide. From knowing the best and healthiest products to use to identifying potential illnesses, your dog is better of being taken to a professional groomer. Continue reading for five benefits of taking your dog to a dog groomer. 

Preventing Health Issues

With all the playing that your dog gets up to, they sometimes get int some trouble. Many of the things they encounter when rolling around in the grass to playing with other dogs, your dog may be susceptible to skin infections, lumps, rashes and more. You may not be able to notice these things, especially if your dog has thick fur. However, a professional groomer may be able to spot such conditions for you and stop them before they escalate. 

Detecting Parasites on Time

Ticks, fleas and other parasites are some of the most common enemies to your dog. While some of these parasites vanish after a quick wash, some of them are persistent. If you're not great at spotting ticks and fleas on your dog's fur, then take your pet to a professional groomer. They're trained and experienced enough to spot them when giving your dog a bath and when drying the dog.

Anal Gland Expression

This is one of the most important parts of dog grooming. Usually, a dog's anal glands empty on their own when the dog defecates solid stool.  However, if the dog defecates soft stool, their anal glands may not have enough pressure to empty on their own. This is a potential danger for your dog when left unattended. A dog groomer will help you take care of this situation, helping your dog feel more comfortable. 

Appearance and Smell

A wet and smelly dog is quite unbecoming. Some dogs enjoy rolling around in the mud and playing in water puddles. In addition, the dog's natural scent can be quite unappealing, especially when mixed with sweat and dirt. Professional grooming improves the appearance of your pet and ensures that your dog feels, smells and looks great. 

Expert Advice and Tips

A professional grooming experience comes with a great priceless gift in the form of expert advice. If the professional groomer notices any issue of concern, they can provide you with advice on how best to proceed. They can give you some tips for keeping your dog healthy, clean and happy.

Ensure you schedule regular professional grooming for your dog. This will help ensure that your dog not only looks great, but also that they also feel great. 

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