Symptoms Signaling You Should Take Your Pet Rabbit To A Vet Clinic

If your child had been insistent about having a pet, you probably thought that a rabbit would be the perfect fit for your household for various reasons. To begin with, unlike dogs that require plenty of exercise to remain healthy, rabbits are just fine with staying in their pen and having the occasional playtime with your kid. Additionally, rabbits do not need nearly as much food as larger animals do, and this makes them an affordable pet to own. But when it comes to their health, illness in rabbits can quickly become fatal if not caught early. To ensure that your child does not have to suffer unnecessary heartbreak, it is critical to know what signs to be on the lookout for so that you can seek veterinary aid immediately. Below are some symptoms signalling that you should take your pet rabbit to a vet clinic.

Unusual listlessness

Rabbits are active animals. While they are not confined in their pen, they will likely be prancing about if they are not napping. If you notice that your pet rabbit is becoming progressively listless and is not as active as it normally is, it should warn you of the possibility of illness. In some cases, the pet may end up forgoing their meals due to excessive fatigue, and this puts them at an increased risk of malnutrition. You may even find that they are not drinking their water, which could lead to dehydration that will complicate the underlying health problem. Different conditions could cause the rabbit to become listless, such as heatstroke, gastrointestinal problems and more. Thus, to be on the safe side, it is vital to take the rabbit to a vet clinic as soon as possible so a medical professional can diagnose the issue.

A tilted head

When the rabbit's head has tilted to an awkward angle, you should seek immediate veterinary help. Clinically known as torticollis, the tilting can be mild or severe, depending on the initial cause. For example, if the pet rabbit has developed an ear infection, it will cause them to tilt their head at an awkward angle. On the other hand, if trauma caused the head tilt, then the positioning of the head will be severe. You should take into consideration that even a mild head tilt would have a direct impact on the animal's balance, which increases their risk of additional trauma. Hence, it is imperative to pay a visit to the vet clinic so the vet can identify the cause of the head tilt and treat the problem.

To learn more, contact a vet clinic.

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